Information Security

Incorporate seamless data protection across your digital footprint.

Protect even the most complex IT infrastructures from malicious actors and data loss with cutting-edge IT solutions from Adaptive Integration.

perimeter protection

Integrate enterprise-grade perimeter protection across your networks, locations, platforms, and cloud service providers.

Adaptive Integration partners with industry innovators to design, deploy, and manage leading-edge perimeter protection solutions to ensure a secure and agile network security architecture for our client’s business critical environments.

infected computer

threat detection

Detect and mitigate even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Managing exposure to cyber threats across multiple clouds, datacenters, and locations has become one of the most challenging problems facing IT managers today.

Adaptive Integration specializes in next generation security platforms that apply the latest in AI, machine learning, and behavioral analytics within the network and server infrastructure to detect and mitigate even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

It is our belief that every company’s network is breached, or will be breached, regardless of how well you’ve protected your perimeter and endpoints.

cloud security

Protect critical information from external and internal theft, data leakage and deletion.

The needs of cloud security are generally the same as traditional IT security – protecting critical information from external and internal theft, data leakage and deletion. 

While the products and services used to protect cloud-based resources may be a slightly different form factor than on-premise assets, the strategy should be consistent across the board.

Whether leveraging SaaS apps, using the cloud for hybrid datacenter hosting, or conducting a full scale migration to the cloud or multiple clouds, we offer a wealth of experience to design, deliver, and manage integrated security solutions.

In a 2021 study of pentesting projects by Positive Technologies, 93% of hired hackers were able to breach the external perimeter of IT companies and financial organizations.

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