application delivery infrastructure

Data and management solutions tailored to the modern enterprise.

Adaptive Integration helps you deliver data more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with operational intelligence and total visibility into end-to-end data performance.

application delivery

Deliver applications to your customers quickly, reliably, and securely.

Whether your apps reside in a datacenter or a cloud, the tolerance for downtime and slow performance is remarkably low.

Key network and application functions such as load-balancing, encryption, acceleration, and security can be provided via Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), which are physical or virtual appliances functioning as proxies for physical servers.

Adaptive Integration has extensive experience supporting our customers on the selection, design and deployment of the leading ADC technologies in order to meet the highest levels of application performance, reliability and security.

seattle app delivery network

enterprise visibility

Increase IT efficiency and decrease mean-time-to-resolution when critical problems arise.

seattle app delivery network

Enterprise monitoring tools have traditionally fallen into the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) camps. Both perspectives are needed in order to anticipate, alert, troubleshoot, and resolve issues that impact the end-to-end delivery of critical apps and data to customers.

While it’s not uncommon to find IT groups pointing fingers at each other during a crisis, a new class of enterprise visibility tools that capture the real-time end-user-experience (EUE) along with detailed silo performance data will enable IT groups to immediately identify issues and resolve them.

Adaptive Integration has been helping customers select and deploy next-gen enterprise visibility tools for years in order to increase IT efficiency and decrease mean-time-to-resolution of critical problems.

packet processing

Deliver enterprise data more efficiently and cost-effectively.

app packet delivery seattle

New enterprise tools designed to enhance security, improve enterprise visibility, and boost network performance arrive on the market each year.

These tools require a ‘feed’ of data in order to function and the legacy route/switch architecture was never designed to support this capability. A new generation of ‘packet processing’ devices arose to collect data off the network once and then seamlessly deliver the needed datasets over-and-over to your enterprise tools.

Adaptive Integration helps our clients evaluate, deploy and manage the most appropriate packet processing tools for your enterprise requirements.

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