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Network Design and Architecture

The foundation of any IT organization is a solid network design that is reliable, cost-effective, and doesn’t inhibit the growth of the business. It’s crucial to have a plan that’s frequently reviewed and updated as business drivers change. Whether undergoing a greenfield deployment or upgrading an existing network, Adaptive consultants can provide network design and architecture services that are tailored to meet business requirements. This service is a collaborative process between Adaptive and our customer’s network team, ensuring that the design meets both the technical and financial needs of the organization.

Enterprise Security Assessment

Adaptive Integration tailors each security assessment to the customer’s specific needs. We work to understand business objectives and then develop a go-forward plan for the customer’s assessment by merging standards of practice adherent to NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, NERC-FERC, CJIS & 23 NYCRR 500. Using a mixture of technical and interview-based methods, our security assessment lasts typically 1-2-weeks. And after, we provide a list of corrective actions and a prioritized remediation roadmap. The results of our security assessment will enable your business to address the weak links in your security profile and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on chasing incidents.

Managed Multi-Vendor Support

Adaptive can assume 24/7/365 management of your multi-vendor environment so that regardless of the complexity or opaqueness of a problem you have one team that owns the issues from start to finish. From our hardened NoC locations we can manage your Datacenter network, SD-WAN overlay network, ISPs, Firewalls, Unified Communications, and WiFi networks under one umbrella. When problems must be escalated, our senior architects and consultants will engage with IT and vendor support until there is a resolution. Customer IT staff are kept in the loop and informed at every step in the process and proactive quarterly meetings are scheduled to define risks and avoid future issues.

Penetration Testing

Protecting an IT environment 24/7 is an enormous challenge. Despite best efforts and multi-layered enterprise security solutions, it is difficult to know if you have addressed every potential vulnerability. Penetration testing with Adaptive allows you to identify security vulnerabilities before attackers find them. We also offer specialized Red Team services that emulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures of sophisticated adversaries to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited that are specific to your business. Customers choose Adaptive because we provide the fortification and remediation to fend off attacks providing peace of mind.

Adaptive Integration works with innovative IT solution providers who are carefully selected. We pride ourselves on comprehensive knowledge of our solutions.  Contact us today to talk about your specific requirements.

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