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Palo Alto Networks

Maybe one of these sounds familiar: Your organization is growing fast. Your security infrastructure is outdated and inconsistent. You’ve been tasked with new virtualization or cloud computing initiatives. You need to enable and protect applications traversing the cloud, isolate applications and data, block lateral movement of threats, and eliminate security lag as your cloud environment changes. Your IT team is stuck just managing a rabble of mismatched products. Your network plays daily host to all manner of file sharing, social networking, personal email, and streaming media—much of which is legitimate business use, so you can’t just ban it.

You don’t want to be the next Target or Sony. You don’t want to be in the news. So keep things nice and quiet with Palo Alto Networks. PAN’s next-generation firewall platforms offer consistent architecture that dedicates resources to both the data and control planes, ensuring high-speed security and manageability. No need to choose between a high-performance network and a highly secure network, with Palo Alto Networks you get both.

Create effective firewall-control policies that extend well beyond the traditional 'allow or deny' approach by knowing which applications are traversing your network, who’s using each application, and the types of threats they might carry. Protect mobile users with GlobalProtect, execute suspect files in a quarantined cloud environment with WildFire, transform intelligence into an actionable path to prevent threats with Autofocus, and view and manage it all from one central location with Panorama. Talk to us today to learn more about solutions with Palo Alto Networks.

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