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Look into your network and not just at it with Extrahop’s single-platform solution. This real-time, highly extensible and flexible platform captures and provides analytics for wire data from across your IT environment—all from one place.

Extrahop believes that to be considered a platform, products must meet four key criteria: be rapidly programmable, easily extensible, support open data integration, and foster community-driven innovation.

That means your IT team can ingest every packet, parse every protocol, extract, measure, and visualize anything in the L7 application-layer payload, on the fly and in real time. It means you can customize Extrahop’s broad range of solution bundles to fit specific use cases. It means the platform easily integrates with other IT management systems to provide cross-domain insights and full control over your operational intelligence data. And finally, it means that Extrahop and its clients have built a robust user community that’s constantly bolstering the capabilities of the platform.

A few use cases to consider:

Infrastructure Visibility for Citrix Environments: A Seattle area hospital was experiencing extremely slow login times following a Citrix VDI expansion. After implementing ExtraHop, they quickly found that a huge daily spike in CIFS traffic that coincided with the long load times. One user had uploaded his vacation pictures to his roaming Citrix profile. Every time he logged in, load times for all concurrent users slowed to a crawl. ExtraHop’s quick route to a solution saved the hospital an estimated $400,000 in specialist consulting and untold troubleshooting hours.

Proactive Application Performance Management: A large online brokerage needed a solution that would give visibility across its entire environment and help break down silos between teams. They were spending an average of 45 minutes identifying root causes and needed to increase competitiveness in the brokerage market with improved application performance. With ExtraHop, they instantly gained cross-tier visibility, a single platform for issue diagnosis, and a way to proactively monitor their applications rather than react to problems.

Improved Network Performance: Murphy Oil USA, operator of more than 1,200 gas stations across the country, was in need of deep network visibility for its branch sites with sacrificing performance or premium compute resources. With ExtraHop, they gained the visibility they needed at each site and helped their lean Network team solve problems faster and collaborate more effectively with other IT groups. Further, they experienced 5-times faster application performance and 70 percent reduction in mean time to recovery.

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