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A10 Networks

A10 Networks excels in five main areas: application delivery controller solutions, network security and DMZ optimization, network DDoS protection, service provider network solutions, and cloud IaaS data center solutions. Collectively, the platforms offer the ability to consolidate functions of multiple other network-based solutions into a high-performance platform with the expectation of reducing costs and simplifying the network.

For application delivery controller solutions, A10 offers its new premium A10 Thunder™ Series and its original AX Series, which are built on the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) and feature a rich application networking feature set. These series often provide replacement for aging systems of single-application ADCs and SLBs (A10 has found that 10 to 1 ratios are not uncommon).

Further, they ensure:

  • Maximum user connectivity and optimized traffic routing
  • Network and server load reduction
  • Reduced strain on data center staff resources and budgets
  • On-demand or permanent (proactive) threat mitigation triggered by flow analytical systems

In addition to the Thunder and AX ADCs Series, A10 offers the Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS), which is also built on the ACOS. Each can scale and optimize your DMZ security infrastructure and protect against multiple classes of attack vectors, including volumetric, protocol, resource, and advanced application layer attacks. A10 products quickly detect and mitigate to prevent service interruptions.

TPS in turn optimizes rack space and power consumption through its FPGA-based Flexible Traffic Acceleration (FTA) technology that detect and mitigate many common attack vectors immediately in hardware without impact to core system general purpose CPUs.

A10 offerings present a single-platform network solution without compromising security technology that’s one step ahead of attacks. Finally, A10 offers a highly flexible licensing structure that renders its competitors downright byzantine.

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