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Next generation IT security solutions for the new hybrid environment.

Stack the deck against malicious operators with leading edge security software, comprehensive employee training, and sophisticated penetration testing.

Delivered from one trusted, capable source.

What is pen testing?

Penetration testing, or 'pen testing', is a pre-authorized cyberattack on your organization by security teams aligned with Adaptive Integration.

Take a moment to watch Adaptive Integration's ethical hacking expert Farzan Karimi as he illustrates how malicious actors can compromise your organization in simple, unexpected ways.

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Ransomware. Fileless malware. Inside actors. Viruses. Data theft. Phishing schemes.

An increasingly sophisticated line of malicious actors threaten to disrupt your operations each year.

Are your business-critical assets secure? Could your organization survive a sudden and complete operational paralysis?

Adaptive Integration partners with cutting-edge IT product and service providers to offer you a single source marketplace for robust, scalable IT security solutions across your entire digital footprint.

Capture peace of mind and re-focus on your business with our three-pronged approach to total security fitness outlined below.

ironclad perimeter protection

Cutting-edge security solutions to defend your on-premises and multi-cloud environments 24/7.

IT security sever

Adaptive Integration specializes in next generation security platforms that integrate the latest in behavioral analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning throughout your network and server infrastructure.

Close security gaps and halt breaches in their tracks with solutions designed to detect, trace and mitigate even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

IT security sever

comprehensive training

Build scalable incident identification and response competency into your security team.

A robust, reliable defense against malicious actors requires an operationally capable team thoroughly trained in threat detection and response.

Adaptive Integration coordinates training programs to ensure your team is able to detect, identify, trace and mitigate threats early and accurately.

continuous validation

Aggressive penetration testing and red teaming services by industry pioneers.

Wanna talk about tough?

Test the resilience of your IT infrastructure with Adaptive Integration’s crew of industry veterans in penetration testing and red teaming services, including former team leads from industry powerhouses like Xbox, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Uber.

Ransomware extorted organizations out of nearly $20 billion in 2021, and that number is expected to rise to over $265 billion by 2031. Nearly 87% of companies victimized by ransomware end up paying the ransom.

Source: Cybersecurity Ventures, The enterprisers project

Launch your path to total security confidence.

Mitigate threats and boost productivity with a complete protection package from Adaptive Integration.

Adaptive Integration partners with the most cutting edge and disruptive technology firms in the world.

And because we stay current with today’s state-of-the-art enterprise networking and security solutions, you no longer have to. You focus on your core business, and we’ll focus on consistently delivering the advanced IT solutions you need to resolve challenging problems and scale your day-to-day operations.

Let’s work together to build a custom scalable IT infrastructure designed to grow with your organization. We’re proud to partner with the following industry leaders to bring you consistent, best-in-class networking and security tools:

dedicated services

Information Security

Endpoint and perimeter protection, multiple threat detection modes, and managed services.

Optimized Networks

Enterprise-wide WAN architecture, design and deployment, SD-WAN value assessment, bandwidth procurement and management.

Application Delivery Infrastructure

Application delivery, whole enterprise visibility, packet distribution and delivery.

Professional Services

Product engineering expertise, design, architecture, deployment, and management.