Network Optimization

How’s your WAN doing?

There are so many moving parts to a well-oiled WAN these days—routers, firewalls, QoS, multiple carrier contracts, WAN optimization appliances. WAN Optimization is still relevant for many types of applications, but there has been a big change in WHERE your apps and data are located. The hyper-fast growth of Saas/IaaS means that most companies now have business-critical apps located “off-net” from their corporate WAN. How do you provide the enterprise-grade performance and reliability that your customers expect when you’re not in control of both ends?

The traditional MPLS networks add unnecessary latency when remote user access SaaS/Cloud services. Adding direct internet access at remote sites can reduce that latency, , but aren’t those the same broadband connections whose poor reliability helped you justify MPLS in the first place?
The challenge for Network IT teams is to provide performance and reliability for all apps and all data on the extended Enterprise network, regardless of location—and it’s crucial to get it right if your users need to access business-critical apps and data hosted both in the Cloud and in enterprise data centers.

Regardless of your existing WAN implementation—MPLS backhaul, hybrid WAN, split tunneling, internet VPN, or a mix of everything—SDWAN solutions can bring a new level of simplicity, reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness to your enterprise.

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