Application Delivery

Traditional infrastructures based on brittle three-tiered architectures haven’t kept pace of modern IT demands. With the current rate of change, capacity requirements are more high-pressure than ever. Performance bottlenecks are everywhere and increasingly difficult to troubleshoot. The cost of vanity storage, networking, and virtualization stacks quickly erode the benefits of running an in-house infrastructure. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and a few other web-scale players have cracked the code to higher performance, lower cost, and agile automation. It’s time for the enterprise to adopt web-scale technology for day-to-day operations.

Case Study: The 250K Blade
Last year, one of our large retail customers bought into a traditional Cisco/NetApp FlexPod infrastructure, and within 6 months had outgrown it. They had over-provisioned their virtualization environment and run into what they described as the "250K blade situation." They were forced to make a major investment in supporting infrastructure including NAS, SAN fabric, network infrastructure, and compute chassis just to continue growing organically.

Even though they'd built a ton of automation into their virtualization environment, it became essentially a full-time job just to provision servers and keep up with demand. Their virtualization software stack became unreliable.

Rather than continue with such an unsustainable trajectory, the customer opted this time to go with Nutanix. The Nutanix platform installed within an hour and immediately integrated with their existing OpenStack automation, which allowed them to take advantage of their pre-existing technology investment. Moving ahead the scaling model became much simpler: Scale out instead of scale up.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
Deploying a hyper-converged infrastructure solves most of the hard problems associated with managing IT infrastructure while saving money over the long term. Need more capacity? Add a node. Curious about growth patterns? Consult Nutanix Prism. Prism shows you when your current workloads will eclipse their available resources, and will even suggest what kinds of nodes you should add to your cluster to most effectively handle the growing demands. Looking at a public cloud strategy? Nutanix provides capabilities for easy cloud portability built into the platform, which makes it the perfect intermediate step in transitioning from traditional three-tiered architecture to the cloud.

Most importantly, hyper-converged infrastructure allows you to move away from managing investments with multiple vendors (compute, SAN, NAS, virtualization) with multiple support renewal cycles and complex licensing models to a single vendor for all of your infrastructure needs.

Adaptive Integration works exclusively with IT solution providers who excel and innovate at pace with today’s technology. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive awareness of not only our partners’ solutions, but our customers’ stresses, demands, and needs. Contact us to get started on your solution today.

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