A market leader in WAN optimization from the start, Riverbed offers an array of complimentary solutions for application and network performance monitoring, data security, SaaS and Cloud performance, and WAN optimization. At the core is the data streamlining and application acceleration platform SteelHead, whose capabilities have been enhanced in line with the ever-changing dynamics and needs of IT infrastructures. Riverbed also offers Steelhead extensions for specialized business applications:

SteelCentral combines monitoring of end-user experience, infrastructure performance and availability, application performance, and network health monitoring for a holistic view of IT environments.

SteelFusion employs what Riverbed calls Zero Branch IT—a hyper converged network edge that eliminates your bulky branch IT operations without sacrificing the security, resilience, or services of your central data center.

In a private study, Riverbed found that, on average, companies operate 55 remote IT facilities for every large data center. That’s a lot of moving parts. Further, they found that on average 50 percent of employees that work in branch offices are not IT workers, 50 percent of data resides outside the data center, and that branch offices represent roughly half of IT budgets. In short, branch offices are IT liabilities.

By consolidating all your data and applications to your headquarters location, data center, or cloud environment and projecting those out to the edge, SteelFusion presents a solution that involves: no servers, no storage, no backup, instant provisioning, instant data recovery, complete data security (both at the edge via 256-bit AES key and in flight via SSL v3/ IPSEC), full application visibility, and apps that simply work.

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