You can tell your workers to be patient when application performance suffers, but you’re hampering business agility every time it happens. They’ll wait if they have to, but your competition won’t, and neither will your customers.

You can’t tell your customers to be patient. They’ll just leave.

Businesses who rely on custom-written web applications need razor-sharp Application Performance Management solutions. Gartner has identified AppDynamics as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Management for four years running. AppDynamics is the fastest growing enterprise software company in history, and for good reason. A number of features separate the AppDynamics platform from the competition:

• Self-tuning instrumentation keeps overhead at a minimum
• Strong support for Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js applications, as well as compute and database resources that support the application
• The ability to create new business metrics in real-time without changing your code
• Simple but deeply enriched UI allows new users to get started quickly
• Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud without sacrificing performance or user experience

Consider a few use cases:

Find Hidden Performance Problems: The application support team at a major credit union noticed calls incorrectly being executed from the wrong data center. Prior to AppDynamics, this incident had gone undetected and had afflicted the application under the covers without any means of detecting this flaw. The lack of visibility finally caused the BECU team to decide to implement an APM solution across their distributed environment for full end-to-end visibility into their application stack.

Smoothly Migrate Applications: An IT team is faced with splitting an existing Java layer into Node.js and Java while simultaneously ensuring zero downtime for the application and a rich user experience for end users. Because AppDynamics supports both the legacy Java stack and the Node.js microservices environment, the customer is able to seamlessly transition from one application environment to another using a single application monitoring system.

Keep Your Partners Honest: Visibility into web service calls helped a streaming media company ensure that third-party content providers were meeting their SLAs. This visibility also guarded the company’s brand, which could be adversely affected by inferior third-party performance. For example, after one of the company’s third-party providers experienced a 24-hour outage and claimed a week later to be fully functional again, the AppDynamics solution showed that this wasn't entirely true. AppDynamics was able to easily show that 2% of transactions were failing completely.

Broad capabilities:

Application Performance Management: Monitor running application code in real time
Mobile Real-User Monitoring: Monitor the performance of mobile applications from the end-user perspective
Browser Real-User Monitoring: Monitor browser performance from the end-user perspective
Database Monitoring: Monitor database server request responses and identify slow queries to help optimize application performance and decrease wait time
Server Monitoring: Monitor underlying resources (CPU, memory, disk, etc)
Application Analytics: Bring business relevance to application data
Synthetic Monitoring: Scheduled checks against critical business transactions—solve the “3 in the morning” problem

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